California Asset Protection Guide - California Business Owner's Guide to Asset Protection and Tax Planning
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California is the most litigious state in the Union according to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), but never fear! Finally there is a no-nonsense, practical asset protection guide specifically for the California business owner and professional.

Learn why California asset protection is unique and why not knowing your options can destroy a lifetime of hard work in an instant! Inside this book you’ll find:

  • How to protect your business from employee or customer lawsuits;
  • How to protect your personal investments from lawsuits or attachment;

  • How to protect your business and personal real estate from creditor claims;
  • How to protect your professional practice and personal assets from patient or client lawsuits;
  • Why liability or malpractice insurance offers limited
  • Why limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations are not the best form of asset protection; and
  • Your unique California asset protection rights that most people are not aware of.

Reed K. Scott, MBA, JD, LL.M. (Tax)

This noted tax and asset protection attorney shares little known secrets available only to California businesses and professionals. Make sure you and your family don’t work a lifetime accumulating assets only to have them taken from you by attorneys and predators looking to make a quick score off a lifetime of your efforts and capital.


In addition to his law degree, he holds two masters degrees in finance and tax law, and is Managing Partner of Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP, a respected tax, business, and trust law firm in Northern California with over 9,000 clients. He has taught hundreds of CPAs, attorneys, and financial advisors these techniques and in this book he reveals what they aren’t telling you and why!

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